La Source Campsite ***

Wonderful sites to visit near
La Source campsite in Southern Ardèche

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Our wonderful Ardèche

Staying with us will enable you to discover the thousand and one wonders of Ardèche

In Ardèche you will find nice bathing spots to cool off, go swimming or canoeing ( Albatros Location )  The Chassezac river is 2/3 km from the campsite. Its waters are of good quality. We will tell you about the different bathing spots nearby, ideal for the family.

Ardèche is also a great place to practise lots of sports:
* walking trails (paths nearby but mainly in the enchanting Païolive Wood
* horse riding at the friendly horse riding centre “L’Hippocampe”

* climbing, magnificent cliffs at Casteljau (“ La maison de l’Escalade”)
* Trees Adventure (“Adventure Camp » in Grospierres)
* and for those who want to gain height: Paragliding, ULM, Autogyro, Biplane, parachute jumping with “Loisirs Sud Ardèche” in Berrias Or Image-in-Air baptême de l'air en ULM Autogire

Ardèche has spectacular natural sites such as the Païolive Wood and its enchanting maze of limestone rocks, (2km from the campsite), the picturesque Chassezac gorges (to discover canoeing or walking), the “Pont d’Arc and the fabulous Ardèche gorges (20km), the Beaume gorges, the "Cirque de Gens” or the Ardèche plateau and mountains, to breathe some fresh air when temperatures are high : the “Mont Gerbier des Joncs”, the beautiful Ray Pic Falls, the Issarlès Lake…

Ardèche has plenty of villages full of character such as Banne, Voguë, Balazuc, Thines, Naves, Les Vans... with their typical local markets and local products to enjoy.

Ardèche also has Heritage sites to discover, an invitation to culture:

* the beautiful Templar Commandery of Jalès in Berrias,
* the Aven d’Orgnac site, and the « Cité de la Préhistoire ».
* the majestic Roure Castle in La Bastide de Virac, the castles of Vogüe, Montreal, Largentière and their historical shows ( July/August)
* the Silk Museum (in Largentiere), Espace Castanea, a place where you can discover the chestnut culture, typical of the area, and, of course, the must-see site of the Pont d’Arc Cavern, a replica of the Chauvet Cave, a UNESCO World heritage site, with its paintings dating back to – 36 000 years. Book on line