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Camping La Source,
a campsite close to Nature

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“La Source Campsite”, a campsite close to Nature

Our campsite, located in a preserved environment in Southern Ardèche near natural sites such as the Chassezac Gorges, the fabulous Païolive Wood and a Natura 2000 zone, has been committed to the protection of Nature and Environment for several years. We want to offer a natural and preserved setting, in harmony with nature for your stay in Ardèche, in a campsite which is resolutely close to NATURE. We have chosen to take a step forward this year so as to reduce the impact of our activity on our living environment and global environment. Therefore we have chosen sustainable tourism. So, we have been awarded the Green key label, the first European environmental label for sustainable tourism, tourist accommodation services, and restaurants.

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We take great care in the green areas, favour free space, flowers, plants and favour wood in the children’s play areas (most games are made of wood), signage, bins………..and we try to pay great attention to nature with, for example, our mini-farm or communal vegetable garden. Our action aims at preserving water resources, reducing energy consumption, reducing the use of chemicals, involving our staff but you, campers, too!

Here are some examples of things we do in favour of the protection of the environment:
  • We, of course, sort out our waste (improved by our mini-farm) and we have installed a compost bin near the vegetable garden
  • We try to control the use of water (irrigation water is used in the flush toilets, drip irrigation system, Presto taps in the sanitary block, flow restrictors in the accommodations).
  • We use solar energy to preheat a swimming-pool and hot water in the sanitary block.
  • The water and electricity meters are read every month so as to check consumption.
  • We use green cleaning products which have an Ecolabel, environment friendly but also safe for your heath (for example, the cleaning product used in the sanitary block, toilet paper, the welcome kits in the accommodations, use of white vinegar).
  • We choose to plant native species (hackberries for example……) more adapted and with low water demand, whenever we have to replace a tree (about 10 per year)
  • We replace existing bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs.
  • We have created a small communal vegetable garden. It’s up to you to “bring it to life “!
  • We try to favour local products (at the restaurant, vegetables come from local producers, as well as products like wines, “caillettes” sausages, ice-creams made in Ardèche) and once a week, a vegetable and fruit producer comes and sells his products: courgettes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, melons, fruit juice. We have, for example, an excellent local and organic apple juice!

Consult here our environmental chart.

We wish to improve our action each year and hope for your support and cooperation because everybody is concerned with the protection of the environment! Nathalie & Jean-Christophe

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